Platform Bèta Techniek and School aan Zet asked us, in cooperation with Bureau Q, to make a documentary about the background of the Netherlands’ ‘culture of mediocrity’. In <em>Waar een klein land groot in moet worden</em>, or ‘The great things a small country should achieve’, opinion leaders, child experts, scientists and teachers working in the field of education all share their experiences. They all offer their vision on the development of talent and excellence in education. The objective of the film is to encourage education professionals to enter into a dialogue with their colleagues, the school administration, parents and pupils so that every pupil has the opportunities and incentives they need to develop to their full potential. The film was screened five times in cinemas throughout the country, where some 500 teachers and school administrators discussed this topic with one another. The project was concluded with a well-attended screening in the EYE museum in Amsterdam. The documentary was also distributed on DVD to all the secondary schools in the Netherlands.

Piet-Harm Sterk

Final editing
Rolf Schreuder

Maria Holtrop

Bureau Q
Rolf Schreuder
Martijn de Graaff

Film editing
Chiel Aldershof

Remke Annema