What does it feel like to be a young, internationally renowned star? In this short film shot in 360 degrees, you are the centre of attention, and experience one day in your life as a famous DJ. Together with your manager Suzan and her assistant Joep, you will find yourself in a wide variety of situations. Finding yourself surrounded by fans as you sit in your limousine early in the morning, for example. Or getting the third degree from a famous presenter during a stressful interview. Sitting in a quiet dressing room, listening to a voicemail message from your mother. Or the thrill of closing a major sponsorship deal during an important business meeting. And performing for a crowd of people going crazy at a huge dance festival. No matter what you experience, it will be a day you won’t soon forget.

A BIND production co-produced by the VPRO and Purple Pill VR with the support of the Mediafonds and the Dutch Film Fund.


Direction & Script
Steven Wouterlood

Creative producer
Joram Willink

VR specialist
Purple Pill VR

Art Director
Angelique Melis

Loes Haverkort
Steef de Bot
Dennis Weening
Julian Jordan

12 minutes