The Dutch Forestry Commission asked BIND to create several exhibition components for a visitor centre in Fort Wierickerschans, located between Bodegraven and Nieuwerbrug. The visitor centre provides information on the history, experiences and activities for tourists and recreation that the Groene Hart area and Fort Wierickerschans have to offer. We made animated films for an audio-visual timeline at the visitor centre that depicts the history of the Groene Hart from the very first inhabitants up to the present, a film in which we show an aerial view of the Groene Hart from a helicopter, and show how urbanisation is advancing and posing risks to the area, and a film about the common culture of the residents of the region.

In cooperation with Geke Lensink

Concept & Direction
Piet-Harm Sterk

Melinda Jansen

Jelle Odé

Irene Stenvers