Commissioned by the Rotterdam Port Authority, Kranendonk Experience Company developed the Rotterdam Port Experience in 2007, under the Erasmus Bridge, right in the heart of the city. This interactive attraction took a modern approach to showing what both the port and city of Rotterdam have to offer. Kranendonk Experience Company commissioned BIND, in cooperation with various makers, to develop and realise the concepts for a large number of audio-visual components for the Port Experience, including unique wide-screen panoramas, a film about the history of the port of Rotterdam, a film about Rotterdam from a labourer’s point of view, and a film about ‘young’ Rotterdam.  We also developed a series of animations on the contents of sea containers.

Jasper Wessels
Melinda Jansen
Lydia Koopmans
Marlon Bos
Harold de Groot

Irene Stenvers
Jan-Willem Wirtz