Law student Koen rescues himself from a threatening situation with street scum by claiming that top criminal Hank de Koning is his uncle. He gets deeper into trouble as ‘Uncle Hank’ a few days later rings his door. Koen may return the favour for him, that for Koen of course is impossible to refuse. No, you don’t easily get rid of Uncle Hank….

A BIND production co-produced by the VPRO. Realised within the context of Telefilm and made possible by CoBO.

Elbert van Strien

Bert Bouma

Ezra Reverda

Production design
Anne Winterink

Film editing
Herman P. Koerts

VPRO Co-producer
Joost de Wolf

Hans Kesting
Tobias Nierop
Bert Luppes
Sallie Harmsen
Romana Vrede

Hayo Bruins
Theo Pont

Raymonde de Kuyper
Peter Aerts
Bob Schrijber
Maurits Delchot (Negativ)
Werner Kolf
Ludwig Bindervoet
Truus Dekker

Griete van de Akker