‘Increase your awareness of the potential dangers of using a smartphone and the responsibility that comes with this’. This was the idea behind the internal media campaign for NS engineers. To make these dangers more tangible, not only is there a great deal of interaction between the narrator and the viewer, but the narrator’s smartphone constantly fires information at the viewer by displaying all sorts of messages on the screen. This enables the viewer to experience how hard it is to stay focused, and depicts the new dynamic that comes with the use of smartphones. Thanks to smartphones, we not only take our work home with us, but we can also bring our private lives to work!

Maarten van Voornveld
Marlon Bos

Piet-Harm Sterk

Maarten van Voornveld

Hylke van Sprunder
Romy van der Vaart

Robbert-Jan van der Does

Jillis Schriel

Film editing
Marlon Bos

Jonna van den Berg