Within the context of the ‘Ken je bedrijf (Know your company)’ internal campaign, BIND made 50 films for the NS, shedding light on different departments and processes which can sometimes lead to uncertainty within the company. First-line personnel in particular, such as drivers and conductors, sometimes wonder why things are done the way they are at the NS. Some of the subjects addressed in the films include rerouting, logistics, travel information and customer support. NS employees themselves are the ones providing explanations of these processes in the films. This enables them to breed more understanding among their first-line colleagues, so that they in turn are able to better explain certain processes to travellers.

Direction & Interviews
Piet-Harm Sterk

Pim Veth

Jelle Odé

Film editing
Rienk Leendertse
Marlon Bos

Rinus Aarts