At first glance, Jerry seems like a very normal teenager. He lives with his single mother and younger sister in a quiet coastal town and helps out at an institution for the mentally handicapped. But deep down, frustrations are bubbling within Jerry. Seeking an outlet for these frustrations, he participates in illegal hooligan fights. But when his mother, with whom he has a close relationship, chooses for herself and distances herself more from the family, something snaps. The more Jerry, partly due to social media, gets the idea that everything and everyone is against him, the harder it becomes to control his inner rage. His behavior becomes so radical that he endangers not only himself but the stability of the entire family.

A BIND production in coproduction with Savage Film and BNNVARA. Supported by the Nederlands Filmfund, Netherlands Film Production Incentive, CoBO, Vlaams Audiovisueel Fonds, Flanders Tax Shelter.



Liam Jeans
Maartje Remmers
Frederike van Oordt
Leopold Witte
Mouad Nineb
Geert van Rampelberg

Remy van Heugten

Gustaaf Peek

Mark van Aller NSC

Production design
Minka Mooren


Costume design
Monica Petit

Hair and make-up
Daphne Zwanenberg

Moek de Groot NCE

Jorrit Kleijnen
Jacob Meijer

Sound design
Fran├žois Dumont

Re-recording mix
Alek Goosse

Line producers
Han van der Werff
Ed Keij