A Good Life  is about the unusual relationship between Helen, a widow who ends up in dire financial straits from one day to the next, and the student, Joeri, who finances his wild and luxurious lifestyle by working as a gay escort.

This BIND production was made within the scope of One Night Stand #10, a joint initiative between the networks NTR, VARA and VPRO, the Mediafonds, the Dutch Film Fund and CoBo, and is part of the Deltaplan Talent project.

Aaron Rookus

Aaron Rookus
Saskia Diesing 

Ariane Schluter
Jonas Smulders 

Robbie van Brussel 

Production design
Romke Faber

Line  producer
Marije Hondelink

Film editing
Annelies van Woerden

Sound design
Michael Sauvage 

Joram Willink
Piet-Harm Sterk