Seventeen-year-old Tim is so clever that he suffered a bore-out and stayed home from school for two years. While bushcrafting in nature, he slowly regained his balance. Now that he is feeling better, he begins an educational year at Mandeville Academy, a boarding school for highly gifted youngsters. With his school trauma still fresh in mind, Tim attends a-typical lectures and thinks about his future.

A BIND production in coproduction with NTR within Teledoc Campus. Supported by CoBO, NPO, Nederlands Filmfonds en NPO-fonds.

Marlies Smeenge

Creative producer
Esther van Driesum

Sylvester de Bruïne

Mario Steenbergen

Sound design & re-recording mixer
Lennert Hunfeld

Sound editor
Meghan van der Meer

Production sound mixer
Bram Meindersma