LANA, a woman in her late 30s who teaches Dutch at a secondary school, is at her wit’s end about how to handle her new 17-year-old student Benny, an aggressive yet also very cold-blooded alpha male. Benny’s intimidating behaviour has a paralysing effect on Lana’s ability to function, and she does everything she can to escape Benny’s dark attraction.

This BIND production was made within the scope of One Night Stand #10, a joint initiative between the networks NTR, VARA and VPRO, the Mediafonds, the Dutch Film Fund and CoBo, and is part of the Deltaplan Talent project.

Script & direction
Rutger Veenstra 

Halina Reijn
Thijs Boermans

Creative producer
Joram Willink

Gregg Telussa


Production design
Danielle van der Kooij

Line producer
Marije Hondelink

Film editing
Saskia Kievits

Sound design
Martijn Helle en Arno Willemstein

Jorrit Kleijnen