The Sad Champion is a documentary-fiction series about ten-time pingpong champion, womanizer and successful entrepreneur Robert Hosé became the role model of a new, self-aware generation of black Antilleans in the early 1970s on Curacao. We gain insight into the myth and the turbulent life of Hosé that leads past highs and lows of his life and the island and its relation with The Netherlands, which are closely intertwined.

Based on the book ‘De droevige kampioen’ written by Jan Brokken.

A BIND production in coproduction with VPRO and Caribbean Filmcom. Produced with support of NPO Fund and Film Production Incentive. 

Director and screenwriter
Sander Burger

VPRO – Hans Simonse
Caribbean Filmcom – Michel Drenthe

Marc de Meijer
Hester Jonkhout

Production design
Robert van der Hoop

Costume design
Josine Immoos

Make-up and hair
Bonnie-Rae Hulsman
Claudia Goetz

Manuel Rombley

Jorrit Kleijnen
Alexander Reumers
Jacob Meijer

Sound design 
Jos van Galen

Marius Kleijn

Bart Voorsluis

Line producer
Joachim van Trommel
Michel Drenthe

Anton de Bies
as Riki Marchena